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In a difficult selling market, home histories can make a difference. As reported by "Columbia News Service" in November 2006,
sellers are increasingly hiring historians to uncover their property’s past. Since people often buy homes for emotional reasons, knowing the intimate details of a home's former owners or architectural history can make it stand out in a crowd...a realtor in Pasadena, Calif., who routinely hires a house historian, says having the house's history on hand for buyers can speed up a sale and increase the selling price by 10 to 15 percent.
A February 2005 article in makes a similar point.

As for Denver, you may be surprised at the size of the opportunity. There are more than 93,000 pre-1950 homes in Denver, of which 1200+ are on the market at any given time, selling for nearly 9% more than their more modern counterparts.  Shouldn't you be a leader in old home sales?

  • Demonstrate your interest in old homes, and your commitment to “go the extra mile” for clients.
  • Learn the history of Denver homes and neighborhoods.
  • Have your name prominently placed on a book seen by every neighbor, friend, and relative who comes to visit.

Listing Agents
Place a home history on a coffee table.

  • Communing with the past is evocative. Tap into this emotional connection, and sell more quickly.
  • Sell for higher prices; as homes with histories have higher perceived values.
  • Appeal to a variety of buyers: history buffs, book lovers, older clients, educators, recent arrivals, etc. 
  • Break down communication barriers.  Potential buyers will listen to stories, browse the book, and chat a while.
  • Offer a virtual tour, enabling browsers to walk through the history from afar.
  • Rather than staging a house with fakes, adorn it with its own true life stories.

Buyer's Agents
Provide a unique housewarming gift which every new homeowner will appreciate.

  • Reinforce their decision: a written history offers homeowners’ assurance.
  • Never mind ghosts. We offer names, maps and public data. There’s nothing to be afraid of – really.
  • This gift may keep on giving: today’s housewarming gift could become tomorrow’s selling tool.

Mortgage Brokers
Generate more business and market buzz.

  • Welcoming gifts for new clients.
  • Attractive incentives for existing homeowners to refinance.
  • A special offer to bolster relationships with top-producing Realtors.

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