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Did you know that more than half of the single-family homes in Denver were built before 1950? In neighborhoods such as Capitol Hill, Country Club, Highland, Baker, Washington Park, Cheesman Park, and Congress Park, the percentage can reach 85% and higher. And yet most people do so little to dig underneath the surface to find their home's treasure.

Just as realtors recognize the resale value gained in a home history, homeowners gain a valuable investment, a practical guide, and an emotional link all at once. In addition, Historical Insights provides the following services:

Historic Home markers: Hang an attractive cast aluminum plaque on your front porch, displaying the official date of construction as attested by Historical Insights.

Research assistance:Let us help you find resources, unravel their contents, and resolve the inevitable research roadblocks.

Inspections: Our architectural inspections peel beneath the documentary surface to identify added or altered structures, decorative revisions, and other historical concerns, while our mystic home inspections utilize a very experienced psychic who specializes in realty to uncover the stories that remain untold.

Historical Insights prices can be specialized based on need:

Housewarming Gifts: Friends, family, and coworkers individually purchase chapters, which together provide a broad picture celebrating the home. 

Neighborhood Packages: Homeowners groups gain a volume discount, a ready-made set of gifts or raffle options, and a simplified purchase model to benefit all. 

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