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Home Histories

We can fit a home history to fit any needs. Our most popular products include:

First Decade - Discover the builder, first homeowners, and context of the times
Central Study - Uncover the broad story of owners and their lives
Landmark Study - A fuller study for potential historic landmark designation
Full Profile - A complete review including personal interviews, genealogical investigations, and architectural inspection.

Because home histories are so personal, we work with each client individually, choosing from more than 30 individual elements of historical research to find the right fit for your interests and budget. Of course, the more resources that are consulted, the more likely we will be able to answer your questions.

Historical Insights
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Frequently Asked Questions

What format do these studies come in?
Electronic-only, presentation folder, hardcover binder, leatherbound edition, and CD.

Do you have any sample histories available for review?
Yes, there are a number of interesting studies to investigate in our online archives.

How long will the research take?
Rush orders can be finished within 10 days and ordinary histories can be completed within one to three months, depending on other orders in the queue.

Do you find ghosts?
We do offer several methods of review that begin to uncover the mystical of a home. However, we are more likely to find interesting stories than actual apparitions.

How much will this cost?
The average range is about $1200, and the minimum is about half of that, but you decide the cost based entirely upon the depth of investigation. Choose from among the 30+ elements involved in home history research, and we'll get it done.

How do we start?
A personal meeting is essential to gather information, review samples, and decide on a course of action. Contact us to discuss further.