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Sample Histories

Having completed nearly 100 home histories since 2004, we offer a depth of knowledge about both Denver and the research skills necessary to make the past within a home come to life.

Below are some of the histories recently added to the vault...

  • History of 1455 Fillmore Street
    Though young at the time, architect George Bettcher designed a lot of turn-of-the-century homes. Check out this First Decade history for some of his designs, along with details of area founder Albert Chamberlin.

  • History of the Malo Mansion
    Comprehensive review of a Capitol Hill historic landmark at 500 East 8th Avenue, complete with crooks, murders, and millionaire heiresses, as commissioned by the new owners at Buchanan Yonushewski Group.

  • (Short) History of the Malo Mansion
    Marketing study providing a much more abbreviated history of this Capitol Hill historic landmark.

  • History of the DeBoer Historic District
    Landmark study culminating in a 50-page application to the Landmark Preservation Commission, detailing the biographies of famous landscape architect Saco Rienk DeBoer and pioneering artist John Edward Thompson.

  • History of 860 Lafayette Street
    Central Study of a doctor whose family was caught up in China's Boxer Rebellion, followed much later by 1960s-era "hippie" owners with many colorful stories to tell.

  • History of 328 South Clarkson Street
    Central Study revealing a home raided by Prohibition agents in 1925, who carried off cases of liquor and hauling the owners to jail.

  • History of Jeppesen House
    Our grand-prize winning entry in a contest underwritten by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. See the abbreviated history as selected from among 2500+ entries and announced in Parade Magazine.

  • History of 273 Sherman Street
    Central Study featuring a modest-sized Denver home with more than 100 owners and residents in 115 years.

  • History of 675 Dahlia Street
    Christmas gift featuring a one-legged veteran, a 16-year delay for paperwork, and three brothers who rolled the dice to decide who would go to war.

  • History of 881 South Gilpin Street
    Central Study featuring a historic saddlemaker and the major transformation by Monarch Renovation.

  • History of 717 Vine Street
    Marketing Study which uncovered a fisherman king, the Evans family, and a contemporary movie actor, commissioned by RE/Max's Scott Boyer.

  • History of 281 South Pearl Street
    Landmark Study illuminating a number of strange investments and a resident tattoo artist who appeared on What's My Line?, completed on behalf of our friends and partners at Classic Homeworks.

  • History of 1019 Lafayette Street
    Central Study revealing an early Christian Scientist practitioner with the surname Eddy.

  • History of 3737 West 32nd Street
    Landmark Study which unveiled a WWII hero and the recollections of local historian Ruth Wiberg, who visited the home frequently in the 1920s. Commissioned by Nostalgic Homes, Denver's premier historic realty company.

  • History of 860 Vine Street
    Marketing Study outlining the construction history of the tony Morgan's Subdivision home and its cattle-rearing initial owner.

  • History of 1523 South Lincoln Street
    First Decade history focusing on Town of South Denver mover-and-shakers such as James Fleming and Sirolia Harmon. Commissioned by Preferred Properties' Paul Bishop.

  • History of 3611 Osage Street
    Interested in murder, religion, and intrigue in early Northwest Denver? Then check out this study from Historical Insights' #1 client, mortgage brokers Redwood Financial.


Some of our earlier histories can be perused online as well:

We're proud of our historical partners and clients, and recommend them to you as companies that truly care about the history in their midst:

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