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Historical Insights is a full-time professional research company, with a clear mission.
Historical Insights is dedicated to providing carefully researched, thoroughly documented, well-presented historical studies. We seek not simply to reveal facts about the past, but to illuminate people and life-events both great and small. As homes are a tangible record of culture, we hope that our studies will connect people to the past, and in so doing, strengthen ties to the homes, communities, and historical record to which we all implicitly belong.

We have been featured in a number of local and national media outlets.

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Historical Insights
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Chief Historical Officer Dave Burrell Grady ensures the quality and accuracy of all studies. A former curator, teacher, and doctoral student, his background reflects commitment to excellence: graduate work at the University of Chicago; curator at the Buffalo Bill Memorial Museum; teacher at Colorado Timberline Academy and Ohio State University; intern at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History; and manager of software implementation projects worldwide. Dave is a published author (Getting In: An Applicant's Guide to Graduate Admissions and Encyclopedia of History and Historians) with firm roots in the community: Historic Preservation chair for the West Washington Park Neighborhood Association; member of Baker HIstoric Neighborhood Association and Capitol Hill United Neighborhood; and seven years mentoring for Big Brothers/Big Sisters.

Below are a few testimonials.

Last year, I began giving clients some rather unique closing gifts: their own home histories, purchased from Historical Insights. When presenting the home histories during closings, I enjoy watching new owners pore through their books. Clients get flowers, gift baskets and wine as housewarming gifts all the time, but they are sure to remember me any time they look over their home history or show it to friends and family. And of course, that’s not only nice for them – it’s good for me.
Andrew Paredes, Redwood Financial

I hired Historical Insights a few months ago to provide me with neighborhood histories to use on my new web site. When he showed me what he does, I was just flabbergasted: the histories are beautiful!
Judith Clausen, Buyers-Advantage Realty

This is a perfect tool to assist in marketing an older home for sale or extra benefit for a homebuyer to understand the unique history of their purchased home and to show it off to the friends and family in a nicely organized book. As a bit of a history buff myself, I really appreciate the work Dave puts into his research.
Troy Rubin, Coldwell Banker

I like to align myself with like-minded vendors who offer the same superior service and genuine concern for the client’s experience as I do. Dave Burrell fits that bill to a tee because his products are clever, unique and authentic. A home history can help tap into the buyer’s emotional connection with a house to make it their own home. By providing home books, I hope to generate more referrals from my satisfied clients as well as being a great advertising tool for lead generation.
Noreen Doyle, Keller Williams Denver Central