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Knowing The Past

Old homes are loved not in spite of their years, but because of them. Character and mystery emanates from the walls, whispering a thousand small stories of lives, loves, hopes, and struggles.

Curiosity in such spaces is natural. We wonder about the people, what they did, and how their experiences reflected and changed the larger world. In this way, tales of everyday workers meld seamlessly with news of prominent leaders, each story inscribed within the walls.

Historical Insights uncovers the value in the past, both mystical and measureable. Whether you market a home for sale, gain tax credits, or support a historically sensitive renovation -- you can save money by resurrecting your home's history. And when it is treasured a housewarming gift, anniversary present, or simply a gift to self, it celebrates both the home and its owners.

Realty professionals profit from the value in home histories. So can you.
Hot Off The Presses!

We were recently featured on Channel 7 News! You can even see the broadcast if you have a few minutes (or hours, using dialup) to await the download. [Please contact us if you have trouble viewing the file.] And as featured on the broadcast, there's much more to learn about the homes of black firefighter Clarence Caldwell and aviation pioneer Elrey Jeppesen.

Our most recent history, the History of 881 South Gilpin Street, reveals the family of one of Denver's earliest saddlemakers. Look to page 23 as well for a historic transformation engineered by the folks at Monarch Renovation.

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